Wireless Intruder Alarm

Whether you are living in a brand new build or a listed building, if it does not have a pre-existing alarm, one of our wireless solutions can be perfectly tailored for you. In listed buidlings a wireless system is the ideal choice, as it is perfect for retrofitting and no wires means there is no need to drill or take up carpets or floorboards – keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.

Should you have pets, we can install pet immune detectors that offers immunity to a 24kg animal.

On the Enforcer you can add Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors. These are ideal if your property dosn't currently have either of these.

If you live in a flood risk area, water leak detectors can be added onto the system to alert you if your property starts to flood.

If the property has any flat roofs or easy access areas, then either vibration detectors on the windows or a movement detector in the room is necessary. Often, the vibration detector is the better choice, as this can be active while you are in the room/in bed, without causing a false alarm.

You should have at least one sounder positioned externally. The Deltabell range acts as the ideal visual and audible deterrent and can be fitted to wired, wireless or hybrid systems.

The Enforcer can be fit with the HomeControl+ so you can access your sytem anywhere in the world. Click here to see how it works.